First awards post!! 

Hey guys!! I’m back again with an award post, and this is the first time I’m doing it!! I told you about the post that Alexandria Perkins had  assigned me, and I’m Gonna post it in September, probably in the mid week.

So now, on with the post….
I was nominated for it by two sweet people: Maggie from ‘dreaming of Guatemala’ & ‘princess blabbermouth’. You should check out their blogs guys, they’re really amazing people!!! Thank you guys, for nominating me!! I’m gonna go with Maggie’s questions, and don’t get me wrong, princess blabber mouth didn’t have any questions.

Maggie’s questions:

1. What is something that most people don’t know about you? 

    I’m a really friendly person if people get to know me very well! I tend to make my closest people happy and I’m really funny! Most people just think I’m not friendly because I don’t get adjusted with all people as soon as I see ’em!! I need time, man!!! Blogging has made me a less reserved  kind of a person!! 

2. Your favourite song at the moment? 

Well, I have like a huge list of favorites all the time, but my current favourite is ‘back to you’ by Bebe Rexha and Louis Tomilson. It’s really amazing and I hope you guys listen to it after reading my post!!!

3. Are you allergic to anything? If so, what? 

I amn’t allergic to anything particularly but I hate certain odours and sounds!! They are almost like allergies, I guess! I hate the smell of burning things, pungent smells etc. I hate listening to loud sounds, the announcements at the the airport or the airplane and many!!

4. If you could trade lives with any fictional character, who would it be and why?

Hmmm, interesting question…. If I would trade my life with a fictional character it would be Elsa from frozen of course! I’d love to meet all the frozen characters, especially Olaf!! He’s really cute!! I would wanna be her ’cause she has amazing snow powers, and she’s so beautiful!! I love snow and I would wanna build a snow castle and live in it!! **Enchanting**

5. What are a few things you love to do? 

A few things that I love to do includes many things!! I love to dance, sing, paint, trek , travel, design, dress up, read books, blog, write, pet animals,and  hang out with friends!

6. Your favourite moments from 2017 so far? 

  • Entering high school and making an amazing best friend!
  • Starting my very own blog: Elle online!!
  • Trekking to the Himalayas: valley of flowers
  • Getting Selected for the sports team!
  • Getting to know many people, and opening out to them!

7. Do you have a lucky number? If so, what is it ? 

I don’t have a lucky number, but 2 is my favourite and I usually imagine it as my lucky number!

8. A few places you want to go?

I do wanna visit Paris in a million lives, first! I’ve always been dreaming of starting my own label at Paris, one day! I wanna visit all the continents in the world! I love each place!

9. Something that never fails to make you grin? 

When someone makes fun of me, and the time my sis cracks a joke! Either it’s funny or lame, my mouth automatically turns up!!

10. What are you thankful for? 

I’m thankful for the amazing life I’ve received! I love everything and everybody who’ve been amazing with me!!

My nominees: MayMaggieAmeliaPrincessblabbermouthGraceKittyPamelaBay Area beauty | BridgetGianna|Aayushi

My questions:

1. If you were to write a book what would would it be about and why?

2. If you found out that you were a billionaire after waking up ,what would would you do?

3. What is something that will always make you cry?

4. Which planet would you wanna visit in our solar system and why?

5. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

6. If you were given a chance to visit a different country which would it be?

7. Which Disney film would you watch over and over again?

8. What is that one amazing gift that you would wanna gift your bestie?

9. If you were to take one person along with you on a voyage, who would it be and why?

10. Which is your best ever moment with an animal?

I did read in Maggie’s and princess blabbermouth’s blog that Maha from ‘beyoutiful’ had created this award and so I wanna thank her a lot!!! I hope you guys enjoyed my post and I hope my nominees nominate others too and write a post on it! I would love to see what you answer to my questions !! Love ❤️,

Elle online xx

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A long break!!

Hey guys! I told you all in my last post that I would be posting about- what to wear for work when it’s hot outside and cold inside ( the post)
But I also told y’all that I was going to the Himalayas ( precisely: valley of flowers)! I will be trekking the valley of flowers for 3 whole days, but the trip is for 7 days! And so I’m off for a whole week!!😱😰 Yes it’s so bad, because I just returned from my break for my tests and now I’m taking another break, yuck!

I love to blog recently but I have tallied all the posts that I need to do when I come back including ‘the post’ and it is 8-9 posts that I actually need to do!!!! OMG!! Whole 8/9 posts!!!?!? Yes. I will do it as soon as I’m back on Monday!!!! The network there is quite slow, so when I’m at the airport or at the hotel, only then I will be able to comment and read all your amazing posts!

I did pack up everything and all the clothes on my bed last night and it looked like this!!!:

I packed all my essentials and I’m readyyy!!!!
I did told in my ‘why I vanished’ post that I will share something about me and that I need positive power from y’all!
That is that I’m really sick of flights and airports !!! It means that I always puke whenever I travel by air!!! Whoa, that’s one serious problem for a traveler!!!!! I know, I will be traveling by air this time and I’m like heck nervous! I’ve been taking some special medicine for this problem and I hope everything goes well!!
This trip is an experimental trip because I’m going to another amazing country again!! As I didn’t have confidence about the upcoming trip I decided to go for an experimental air trip!! As well as travelling on air, I will be trekking the Himalayas for the first time too!! I will tell you guys about my upcoming trip to another country very soon, I know you are all confused about two trips! I’ll tell y’all very soon! I need to go!!
Bye!!! Wish me luck!!
Elle online xx
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Exciting news!!!!

Hey everybody! I finished my tests with good grades and here I am!!!
I wanted to tell all of you something super exciting!!! I just received an email from Alexandria Perkins!!! She emailed me that she was interested in Elle online and she wanted me to do a themed post! ( I know, I know that's awe!!)

She gave me the topic: what to wear for work when it's hot outside but cold inside! Now, that's a confusing thing 'cause heck, how do you wear something appropriate for hot and cold weather? But I have got it figured out clearly, and I'm ready for it now!!! I wanted to inform it all of you before I do a post on it. Alexandria will share my post once I post it on my blog.
That's all for now and I'm super busy working on Polyvore and fashion websites!! I guess I'll do the post tomorrow . I know that there were 3 posts about ' my summer work clothes' and I'm sorry because it was just a malfunction and I've deleted all of those posts. They were not related to the post that I will be doing. If you still find a post that says 'my summer work clothes' please don't view it because it is not the original post. Sometimes malfunctions happen. Yes. It. Does. Happen. You will know if the post is 'the post' if in the end you find
Elle online xx
Going offline xx
Ok guys, I will see you real soon in my amazing post!!!
I hope that all of my 34 followers read my next post because I am about to put a lot into it!!! So get ready to read guys!!!
Elle online xx
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Why I vanished!!

Hello guys! It’s been sooo long since I last blogged! It’s because I was having a very busy week and I took some time off. I actually have my formative assessment test starting on this Wednesday, so I was busy reading and I will still be!

When I return:

  • I will be doing another makeup essentials post/ beauty writing! I’m really excited to show my new collection!!!
  • I will tell you all something amazing that is yet to about to happen to me(clue: travelling!!) Yes, I will be visiting another place soon!
  • I will write my experience of me traveling to the Himalayan mountains, and  I  will be trekking one of the mountains in the Himalayas!
  • I’ll share with you guys in one of the posts something to which I really need support from you all and some good vibes! So be help!!!
  • I’ll also make sure that I post recently and make my blog better!

I wanted to tell you all that I have reached 30 followers on Elle online! Thank you so much for 30 followers all of you! It makes me very happy to know that you like what I write !

I will be soon back after my test on Friday or Saturday. But I will be checking on all of your amazing posts! I love to read what you write!

See you real soon ,

Elle online xx

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My fav essentials

Hey guys!!! I’m here again !

I recently visited  MARKS AND SPENCER and I was really happy with the body wash, lotions and many more! I wanted to blog today about some of these essentials that I bought. So here they are:

these are the ones that I picked up and all of them are so amazing! Who could not like any body wash?! Each body wash has it’s own uniqueness and always(mostly) it turns out amazing! I’d first like to tell you about the pink grapefruit & watermelon shower gel.

This is the one! ( I thought I’d keep it next to my pink scrubber! ) I basically love anything that’s pink! I love the smell of the grapefruit and the watermelon  in it and it’s so refreshing! ( I don’t like it as much as I like the cocoa and Shea butter,though it’s pink!)

All of these essentials are nature fresh, so it makes you feel like you are bathing in a fresh water lake amidst the forest! 

I’ll first finish off with all the body washes/shower gels. The second one is my favorite ; cocoa and Shea butter shower gel!

It’s so amazing! I love the smell of the cocoa, and the Shea butter leaves my skin amazingly moisturized! I highly recommend it for any body who loves refreshments! 

I’m currently in love with everything cocoa/cocoa and Shea butter! I bought this scrub which is cocoa butter. 
This has some grains or something in it (probably they are the crushed cocoa ) and they make you feel like you’ve just had the perfect bath!

The other is the pomegranate body wash; oh my gosh,this one also makes you feel amazing ! The pomegranate in it smells amazing! 

Next up are the lotions: the first one is the wild berry; again I just love the scent of the raspberries! I liked the font and the name given to it: wild berry! 

This is the Argan oil lotion:

This is also so good! I don’t know what they do with these babies! They smell like heaven! 😍 I love ’em all! My skin feels amazing after applying it. 

You guys might wanna puke now because I have another COCOA AND SHEA BUTTER! Trust me anybody will fall in love with the combination of cocoa and Shea butter! Again this smells splendid and I really enjoy it! It’s a hand and body lotion:

So that’s it for my M and S essentials! 

Comment down below about what your favorite M & S essential ( or a different brand) is/ tell me which one you’d love to try! I’d also wanna know and try new stuff! 

Ok guys , see you next time! 

Elle online xx

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My new barbie!

Hey guys! I recently blogged about toys and today I wanted to blog about my new barbie doll! My aunt gifted it to me yesterday and I was excited! ( I know , I know I’m too old for barbies but – who cares?!)

It came in a pink box which says ‘It’s a girl!’. I guess that this particular barbie is for a person who is expecting a baby girl ! But I’m not !!!! Ha ha!

I just liked the way barbie is dressed up so I chose her. My aunt gave me many options to choose and I chose her! She is surely an old model but she’s new for me! 

I’m still thinking of what to call her  (the inner child in me is still alive!). Comment down below of what you think I should call her. I’d love to have many options , so I can give her an amazing name!

This is a pic of her:

I loved her polka dot dress and her ring and especially the bow on her head! She came with a super- cute teddy ( which also has a bow!) and a doll stand. I love barbie’s Style because she chooses something that’s trendy and awesome. 

Once I’ll blog about all the different varieties of barbie that I have collected and I’ll surely tell their names too! I’ve kept a name for all of my barbie dolls but eventually I forget them! I get confused 🤷🏼‍♀️!!

I hope you liked my new doll! Be sure to comment a name for my new doll! 

Ok then, I’ll blog  soon again about beauty products,but this time it’s not related to makeup. It’s some amazing body washes and creams that I picked up from Marks and spencer. Bye!

Elle online xx

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Lovely toys..

Hey guys ! It’s been loongg since I blogged! I’m really happy that there are 20 followers on Elle online ! 

I’m really excited and thank you all for following me. I know it’s a small number but it’s worth a 100 followers ! If there is a group of people who really enjoy what I write,then I’m  delighted. 

I just wanted to blog today about toys that we once owned and the love , joy and the  memories that is connected with them. The Barbie dolls that I once used to collect(I still collect them!) bring me some kind of joy and I’d never ever wanna throw them away! I’m sure most of you have those toys that you’d always wanna keep next to you and revisit the amazing memories spent with them. Even today I sleep with my favourite bunny pinky plush ! I always hug her tightly when I feel scared or lonely and she brings  me comfort .

I recently got a fidget spinner because the boys in my class owned them and I really wanted it!! We would hide the spinner  under the desks and play with it all the time. A boy in my class was caught playing with it in the class and our teacher took it with him and guess what? – he too was playing with it! 

I really liked it because it spins amazing and it also reduces stress. So I bought one! I recently read something about fidget spinners :

  • It was actually made for aiding concentration and focus. It was thought that it might be a useful device to help children who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD], or other special educational needs, to concentrate or calm down using the spinner’s unique sensory experience .
  • The device is thought by some to aid fine motor skills.
  • Musicians are known to use fidget spinner to exercise their fingers before  a performance.

So many uses , and we use it like a toy! I’m amazed! Many toys have a weird history behind them. I know many poems too which have a very weird story behind them- like ring-a-ring o’ roses. The poem was made for the disease -plague which was a then dangerous disease! I don’t think kids should know the actual meaning of the poem or else they’d never recite it! 

I know this post is short , but I’ll blog again shortly . 

Are there any toys that make you happy? Do you own a fidget spinner? I’d love to know about other amazing toys in the comments below! Bye!!!!!!

Elle online xxx 

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