My very first post!!!!

Hey there! I don’t actually know if any one of you is ever reading my post ! But I really hope that you start to read my posts.

My purpose of creating a blog is because I love writing and the idea of a blog just makes it so right. Reading is my best hobby that I have . I read like loads of books everyday . I guess if you ever want to be imaginative or creative : start reading books . They take you to an amazing world and its like magic!

Apart from books I love to travel. I have travelled to many places and trust me you’ll be amazed by how much you learn through travelling. Travelling is just all about forgetting any thing that bothers you and just living  in the moment ! Getting to know the people and their culture and learning how to live with people from around the world is all so exciting. I recently travelled to Africa – Kenya and the wildlife was just so amazing in Kenya. I’ll make sure to write a blog post about my trip to Africa and I’m sure you will find it lovely and you’ll really want to travel Africa !

I also enjoy cycling  and trekking with my friends. All I ever think is to be one with world and to be adventurous , light-hearted and funny. I have so many other hobbies and I’m sure that I’ll post more of my hobbies and my interests if you guys start interacting with me and I’ll be really happy if you guys do so.

Do you guys love to travel like me? If yes be sure to write to me about  what your favorite places are to visit in the world and I’ll be really happy to read it.




9 thoughts on “My very first post!!!!

  1. Happy First Post! The first is always the hardest, the publish button is so intimidating but it’s definitely worth it. Well done!

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  2. Welcome to blogging!! I love reading, too 🙂 and traveling is the best! At this point in my life, I haven’t gotten to go very many places, but one day, I really want to tour Europe and parts of Central America! I’d love to see a post on your trip to Africa. xx That sounds so exciting!


    1. Thank you 😍. You have to visit those places and I hope you will . I haven’t travelled to Europe yet , but I will soon and I will write a blog post about it ! You should write your travel posts, I wanna read it too!

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