My trip to Africa -2

Hello !

I just wrote yesterday about my African trip. I am happy that some of you liked it and so today I’d like to continue my post by adding some pics that I took of the Savannah.

Apart from the Savannah and the migration the people were also very friendly . The tribes living in Kenya ( the country where the certain  migration takes place) were happy with their own way of living and refused to come live out in the cities so they had their own communities near the Savannah. I must say they are really brave people because they venture out with their sheep and cattle in the open Savannah where it’s full of lions and cheetahs! The animals are actually scared of the tribal people so they stay away from them ; though they might try to steal a sheep or two without the notice of the tribal people!

Well , you must have seen African people with elongated ears and heavy ear rings on as well and wondered “why the heck do they have ears like that? “. And I know the little secret 😉. It’s because of a traditional cause that they do it: the elder child (doesn’t matter if a girl or a boy ) should get their ears elongated and it’s their tradition.

They have found a way of living and that is to make ornaments or traditional stuff. I bought some traditional African tribal dolls. I really like them.

There is also an other interesting fact : a boy has  to kill a lion and impress a  girl’s family so that she can marry him . Well it’s good for the boy but not for the lion! So the men should kill a lion each if they wanna marry. Such daring people! I hope you enjoyed my post today.

Do you have any one of  a kind tradition?

Write it in the comments


2 thoughts on “My trip to Africa -2

  1. Great pictures! That’s interesting about the ear rings. I didn’t know that! The biggest tradition that my family has is that every year on Christmas, after we’re all done opening presents, we have a big Christmas breakfast, which I really enjoy! xx


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