My first beauty writing! 

Hey guys! 

When I say I have a beauty/fashion blog I’ve gotta post something about it, so here’s my first time writing about……brushes for eye makeup. 

I bought this new eye makeup kit and I thought I could blog about why each brush is used for a makeup beginner like me! 

First off I’d like to write about makeup . Makeup should make you feel happy,creative at the same time,and feel perfect! Wear makeup that makes you feel yourself and gives you that flawless feeling. I’m also a beginner in the world of makeup but I’m really interested and I hope you guys like my ways of starting a makeup kit. Try new stuff and know that you’re never wrong unless you get eye liner all under your eyes!( just kidding). 

  • You’ve gotta have a long lasting foundation.
  • A good waterproof mascara.
  • An eye pencil.
  • Liquid matte lipsticks or a gloss(again it’s your choice and never hesitate to do what to wish).
  • You can also keep a blush.
  • You  could use some eye shadow once you start feeling comfy with makeup and stuff.

So now let’s begin ….

So here are the brushes from color bar that I bought.

The first brush(eye shadow brush):blend your eyeshadow onto your lids with soft firm strokes. Keep blending and diffusing color for the look you want. If you want a darker look you can apply more eye shadow and blend it. 

The second brush(smudging brush): Smudge your eye shadow or your liner by using small, controlled strokes while pressing the tip against the lash line. 

The third brush(eye defining brush): it can be used for multiple purposes.

  1. For eye shadow: Blend with short swift strokes.
  2. For eye liner: Place brush along lower and/or upper lash line, then draw a line. 
  3. For brow – filling: Use light, feathery strokes and follow the natural arch to fill in.

This is it and I hope you liked it and you can buy this pack for yourself or try any other kind of brushes . Write down in the comments block below if you found it helpful or if you have any suggestions for eye makeup brushes. 

I’ll be sure to come up with other new makeup items for beginners just like me out there! 

K then, bye!

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