Picture it away!

Hey guys , it’s been long since I blogged and I’m really happy that I have hit 10 followers!(I know it’s a very small number, but I’m really excited!)I’m so happy that you all enjoy what I write and I really wanna thank you all!

I thought of all the things that I love to capture in my lil’ camera and when I thought what all they were I realised everybody will surely have their favourite sights that they want to capture and I immediately wanted to blog about it: your favourite things that would want to capture. 

I love capturing the amazing sky 🌌 whether it’s sunrise or sunset ( mostly it’s a sunset because I don’t get up early to capture the sunrise!). The sky is so vast and it makes me imaginative and creative because I give each cloud or the sun’s rays my own image. I also love capturing nature or photos that are simply beautiful without people in it! I’ve taken so many pictures of the sky and some of my favourites are these ( there are many but I’ll only post 2 of them ):

The one above makes me feel like the sky is the almighty!

This one makes me feel like there is a real mirror world !

There are so many other pics of the sky that I’d surely put up in my other blog posts sometime! What do you love to capture? Be sure to comment on what your favourite nature sights or other things are to capture! And also send it to me, so that I can also add it to my favourites list!! 

K then , I’ll be waiting for your pics ,


15 thoughts on “Picture it away!

  1. Beautiful pictures, Apoorva! I love taking pictures of the sky and nature, as well πŸ™‚ especially sunsets!! I’ve only gotten pictures from one sunrise because, like you mentioned too, I don’t get up early enough haha

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