Lovely toys..

Hey guys ! It’s been loongg since I blogged! I’m really happy that there are 20 followers on Elle online ! 

I’m really excited and thank you all for following me. I know it’s a small number but it’s worth a 100 followers ! If there is a group of people who really enjoy what I write,then I’m  delighted. 

I just wanted to blog today about toys that we once owned and the love , joy and the  memories that is connected with them. The Barbie dolls that I once used to collect(I still collect them!) bring me some kind of joy and I’d never ever wanna throw them away! I’m sure most of you have those toys that you’d always wanna keep next to you and revisit the amazing memories spent with them. Even today I sleep with my favourite bunny pinky plush ! I always hug her tightly when I feel scared or lonely and she brings  me comfort .

I recently got a fidget spinner because the boys in my class owned them and I really wanted it!! We would hide the spinner  under the desks and play with it all the time. A boy in my class was caught playing with it in the class and our teacher took it with him and guess what? – he too was playing with it! 

I really liked it because it spins amazing and it also reduces stress. So I bought one! I recently read something about fidget spinners :

  • It was actually made for aiding concentration and focus. It was thought that it might be a useful device to help children who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD], or other special educational needs, to concentrate or calm down using the spinner’s unique sensory experience .
  • The device is thought by some to aid fine motor skills.
  • Musicians are known to use fidget spinner to exercise their fingers before  a performance.

So many uses , and we use it like a toy! I’m amazed! Many toys have a weird history behind them. I know many poems too which have a very weird story behind them- like ring-a-ring o’ roses. The poem was made for the disease -plague which was a then dangerous disease! I don’t think kids should know the actual meaning of the poem or else they’d never recite it! 

I know this post is short , but I’ll blog again shortly . 

Are there any toys that make you happy? Do you own a fidget spinner? I’d love to know about other amazing toys in the comments below! Bye!!!!!!

Elle online xxx 

Going offline xxx

9 thoughts on “Lovely toys..

  1. There are some really cool fidget spinner designs! 😊 my brother recently got a aquamarine-colored one and it looks sooo cool! Also, congrats on twenty followers!! πŸŽ‰ that is so awesome!


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