My new barbie!

Hey guys! I recently blogged about toys and today I wanted to blog about my new barbie doll! My aunt gifted it to me yesterday and I was excited! ( I know , I know I’m too old for barbies but – who cares?!)

It came in a pink box which says ‘It’s a girl!’. I guess that this particular barbie is for a person who is expecting a baby girl ! But I’m not !!!! Ha ha!

I just liked the way barbie is dressed up so I chose her. My aunt gave me many options to choose and I chose her! She is surely an old model but she’s new for me! 

I’m still thinking of what to call her  (the inner child in me is still alive!). Comment down below of what you think I should call her. I’d love to have many options , so I can give her an amazing name!

This is a pic of her:

I loved her polka dot dress and her ring and especially the bow on her head! She came with a super- cute teddy ( which also has a bow!) and a doll stand. I love barbie’s Style because she chooses something that’s trendy and awesome. 

Once I’ll blog about all the different varieties of barbie that I have collected and I’ll surely tell their names too! I’ve kept a name for all of my barbie dolls but eventually I forget them! I get confused 🤷🏼‍♀️!!

I hope you liked my new doll! Be sure to comment a name for my new doll! 

Ok then, I’ll blog  soon again about beauty products,but this time it’s not related to makeup. It’s some amazing body washes and creams that I picked up from Marks and spencer. Bye!

Elle online xx

Going offline xx 

6 thoughts on “My new barbie!

  1. Awww this is such a cute Barbie!! 💕 (I’m too old for Barbies too, but I looove browsing them at stores 😂 I used to love playing with them when I was younger) Hmm, a name … how about Sophie? Or have you already come up with a name? Also I love the Barbie TV show Life In The Dreamhouse – it is hilarious! 😂

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