My fav essentials

Hey guys!!! I’m here again !

I recently visited  MARKS AND SPENCER and I was really happy with the body wash, lotions and many more! I wanted to blog today about some of these essentials that I bought. So here they are:

these are the ones that I picked up and all of them are so amazing! Who could not like any body wash?! Each body wash has it’s own uniqueness and always(mostly) it turns out amazing! I’d first like to tell you about the pink grapefruit & watermelon shower gel.

This is the one! ( I thought I’d keep it next to my pink scrubber! ) I basically love anything that’s pink! I love the smell of the grapefruit and the watermelon  in it and it’s so refreshing! ( I don’t like it as much as I like the cocoa and Shea butter,though it’s pink!)

All of these essentials are nature fresh, so it makes you feel like you are bathing in a fresh water lake amidst the forest! 

I’ll first finish off with all the body washes/shower gels. The second one is my favorite ; cocoa and Shea butter shower gel!

It’s so amazing! I love the smell of the cocoa, and the Shea butter leaves my skin amazingly moisturized! I highly recommend it for any body who loves refreshments! 

I’m currently in love with everything cocoa/cocoa and Shea butter! I bought this scrub which is cocoa butter. 
This has some grains or something in it (probably they are the crushed cocoa ) and they make you feel like you’ve just had the perfect bath!

The other is the pomegranate body wash; oh my gosh,this one also makes you feel amazing ! The pomegranate in it smells amazing! 

Next up are the lotions: the first one is the wild berry; again I just love the scent of the raspberries! I liked the font and the name given to it: wild berry! 

This is the Argan oil lotion:

This is also so good! I don’t know what they do with these babies! They smell like heaven! 😍 I love ’em all! My skin feels amazing after applying it. 

You guys might wanna puke now because I have another COCOA AND SHEA BUTTER! Trust me anybody will fall in love with the combination of cocoa and Shea butter! Again this smells splendid and I really enjoy it! It’s a hand and body lotion:

So that’s it for my M and S essentials! 

Comment down below about what your favorite M & S essential ( or a different brand) is/ tell me which one you’d love to try! I’d also wanna know and try new stuff! 

Ok guys , see you next time! 

Elle online xx

Going offline xx 

13 thoughts on “My fav essentials

  1. Ooh those all look SO good, Apoorva! πŸ˜πŸ’š I love cocoa and Shea butter; I can never get enough of that scent!! And those other ones you got too (the berry and watermelon ones) look like they smell fantastic πŸ˜„πŸ’–

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  2. Cocoa and shea butter is the best! Glad that we share the same taste!The berry and grapefruit are also amazing, you should try them. Thank you for stopping by!❀️


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