Exciting news!!!!

Hey everybody! I finished my tests with good grades and here I am!!!
I wanted to tell all of you something super exciting!!! I just received an email from Alexandria Perkins!!! She emailed me that she was interested in Elle online and she wanted me to do a themed post! ( I know, I know that’s awe!!)

She gave me the topic: what to wear for work when it’s hot outside but cold inside! Now, that’s a confusing thing ’cause heck, how do you wear something appropriate for hot and cold weather? But I have got it figured out clearly, and I’m ready for it now!!! I wanted to inform it all of you before I do a post on it. Alexandria will share my post once I post it on my blog.
That’s all for now and I’m super busy working on Polyvore and fashion websites!!I know that there were 3 posts about ‘ my summer work clothes’ and I’m sorry because it was just a malfunction and I’ve deleted all of those posts. They were not related to the post that I will be doing. If you still find a post that says ‘my summer work clothes’ please don’t view it because it is not the original post. Sometimes malfunctions happen. Yes. It. Does. Happen. You will know if the post is ‘the post‘ if in the end you find
Elle online xx
Going offline xx
Ok guys, I will see you real soon in my amazing post!!!
I hope that all of my 34 followers read my  post because I am about to put a lot into it!!! So get ready to read guys!!!
Elle online xx
Going offline xx

17 thoughts on “Exciting news!!!!

    1. Hi !! Wow, that’s amazing of you to say that!! Thank you!! It’s really awesome that I cheered you up!! πŸ™‚. Thanks for stopping by!! Keep commenting and make my day too!!!


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