A long break!!

Hey guys! I told you all in my last post that I would be posting about- what to wear for work when it’s hot outside and cold inside ( the post)
But I also told y’all that I was going to the Himalayas ( precisely: valley of flowers)! I will be trekking the valley of flowers for 3 whole days, but the trip is for 7 days! And so I’m off for a whole week!!😱😰 Yes it’s so bad, because I just returned from my break for my tests and now I’m taking another break, yuck!

I love to blog recently but I have tallied all the posts that I need to do when I come back including ‘the post’ and it is 8-9 posts that I actually need to do!!!! OMG!! Whole 8/9 posts!!!?!? Yes. I will do it as soon as I’m back on Monday!!!! The network there is quite slow, so when I’m at the airport or at the hotel, only then I will be able to comment and read all your amazing posts!

I did pack up everything and all the clothes on my bed last night and it looked like this!!!:

I packed all my essentials and I’m readyyy!!!!
I did told in my ‘why I vanished’ post that I will share something about me and that I need positive power from y’all!
That is that I’m really sick of flights and airports !!! It means that I always puke whenever I travel by air!!! Whoa, that’s one serious problem for a traveler!!!!! I know, I will be traveling by air this time and I’m like heck nervous! I’ve been taking some special medicine for this problem and I hope everything goes well!!
This trip is an experimental trip because I’m going to another amazing country again!! As I didn’t have confidence about the upcoming trip I decided to go for an experimental air trip!! As well as travelling on air, I will be trekking the Himalayas for the first time too!! I will tell you guys about my upcoming trip to another country very soon, I know you are all confused about two trips! I’ll tell y’all very soon! I need to go!!
Bye!!! Wish me luck!!
Elle online xx
Going offline xx

15 thoughts on “A long break!!

  1. Aw enjoy your trip, Apoorva!! I’ll miss seeing you posting while you’re gone, but I know you are going to have SO much fun! 😍💚 I’m sorry you get sick on planes, though. Best of luck with that! I haven’t travelled by airplane yet, but I’ll probably be one of those nauseous people, lol. I’d be so nervous!! I’ve read before that having plenty of distractions to keep you busy, as well as taking medicine to settle your stomach, is what really helps. Someone said they listen to their favorite music, which I think is an awesome idea!! I hope you have a great trip and I can’t wait to see you when you get back! 💜💜💜

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    1. Awww thank you so much Maggie! That’s so heartwarming!! I couldn’t reply because I didn’t have any network connection over there. But now I’m back!!! Thank you so much! I hope you soon travel in a flight! While going to the trip I did puke like 6 times 😱!!! But the journey back, my tally was just 0!!!! I guess I’ve cleared from my problem!!!! I will be posting really soon!
      And also, I wanna read all your posts that you published while I was gone!!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve written!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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      1. You’re welcome!! ❤ that's alright, I figured you were busy enjoying your vacation, anyway 😀 aww I'm sorry you puked!! But awesome job on zero times on the return trip! I can't wait to see what you'll post. You should write all about your trip! ❤ aww thanks so much!

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    1. Aww , yes of course but you’re late, I’ve already returned back😋🙂!! It was a really amazing experience in my life!! I will post a review soon with all awesome pictures, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it!! Thank you for reading it!!


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