What to wear for work when it’s hot outside and cold inside ?!?!?

Hello guys! I’m back again with ‘the post’, that I recently told you about in my old post! I’m really excited about it, and here it goes:

What to wear for work when it’s hot outside but cold inside.

Usually people wear certain type of clothing to suit the weather. But when the weather changes in two ways; cold and hot, it’s quite hard! I’ve gone through a few magazines, websites and I have come to a collection of my own! Here is my Cold and Hot Weather Collection!
Getting dressed up in the summer is quite easy but when you are cold one minute and hot the other, dressing up is quite a task! These conditions make it a task for women who work and it gets them frustrated! But now, with my collection come live the happiness ladies!!!
I have here, paired up some looks and I have shared some tips that will keep you comfy inside and outside! I hope (probably) that these outfits help you overcome all the difficulties ! Now let’s get into my wardrobe!:
Image 1: it is a long sleeved soft cushion hinted sweater that’s perfect inside the office, as it is long sleeved. On the other hand it is light colored and soft which is suitable for summer! After work, you can just roll up your sleeves and you won’t feel a hint of heat!

Image 2: This one’s quite similar to the first one. This can rather be called as a ‘pullover’  than a sweater. This is on trend with all the floral work near the neck and long sleeves that again, can be rolled back when it’s hot.

Image 3: These are the ‘go to’ trousers when such a situation strikes. I highly recommend these, and I do own quite a few! These are long, so they save you from the AC. And as they are baggy, they are extremely wearable for summer! These are some unique trousers and if you are in a sticky situation , keep many of these!

Image 4: This spaghetti crop top can preferably be worn beneath the sweaters/pullovers above. This keeps you slightly warm under the sweater/pullover and it won’t sweat you out in the heat as well. 

Image 5: These button up’s perfectly go well for such a condition! All you need is a vest under it, and just button up a ‘button up’ shirt! It is quite light (summer suitable) and,it is long sleeved (cold suitable) so, you can roll it up or down.

Image 6: This is one perfect blouse! You can just tie this blouse up over your shirt/top/dress. This is effortlessly cool and on trend, especially over dresses. So put on those sleeveless dresses under your tie up blouse!!

Image 7: Sweat shirts?!?! Yes! They go pretty well at such tricky times! Rock your favourite sweatshirt with some formal joggers. Just throw ’em off when you feel hot (wear a light shirt inside) and wear them when it’s cold.

Image 8: If you wanna be cool in the office sometimes, go for some cutoffs with a crocheted top. it’s gonna keep you cool, and … you’ve gotta be wondering that I’m nuts! How can cutoffs help you to keep you warm? You could put on some stockings or wear cutoffs when you really, really need to; when it’s toooo hot.

Image 9: Rock a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are perfect for summers and as they are long, they keep you warm and they are baggy at the same time- they keep you cool.

Image 10: Pair these tank tops with a blazer (image 11)

Image 11: Blazers are office appropriate and chic at the same time. Wear a tank top under a blazer. They will keep you warm and cold at the same time. Choose a black one, as they go perfectly with all colors! 

Image 12: Wear a dress under a knotted T-shirt and it’s an amazing look! 

Image 13: Denim jackets go well for a chilly weather. And again, wear ’em when you need ’em and throw ’em when you don’t!

Image 14: This silk trench coat can be worn with shorts and a sleeveless top (image 15 and 16)  as a lightweight jacket or just wear it as a summer dress.

Image 17: Wear close toed shoe or short boots  other than sandals as they keep you warm. Shoes are half open except the toe area, so they keep you warm. 

Image 18: Wear some printed sneakers – they are on trend and they are perfect for this situation! 

Image 19 and 20:  Keep some thick socks under your desk to just change into them when you’re cold. Instead of the slippers, keep socks!

Image 21: Summer scarves are always in style. Keep a large one, so that you can wrap it around your neck while walking, and you can transform it into a wrap while sitting. Simply quick!

Image 22 : Wear a sling bag that boosts up your summer outfit!! This is totally optional, but you do need to keep your office planners, files and your handy mobile somewhere!
That’s it for the post!! I hope my suggestions have fulfilled your expectations!! I really enjoyed doing this post. I would specially like to thank Alexandria Perkins for letting me do this!! I will look forward for my next assignment!!



Did you enjoy my post? Has it helped you? Would you like me to do more of these? 

Do let me know in the comments!!!

Elle online xx

Going offline xx

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