Student exchange programme – I’m leaving to Denmark!?!

Hey guys!! Did you all read ‘the post’, that I’ve been speaking of lately? If not, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!.

Anyways, I’m going to Denmark! For an exchange programme!! Yay! It’s Fredricia that I will be going to, in Denmark. I’m just speeding up things, I guess! Ok, ok I’ll start from the beginning….

My school is going to have an exchange programme with a Danish school. And as the city is Fredricia, the school’s name is Fredricia friskole. It is a 12 day trip, and I’m like 100% charged up!! Ok so, you might be thinking that I’ve gotta jump into a flight for it, right? And you must also be wondering about my sickness in flights. Yes, I’ll go in a flight. AND.YES.MY.SICKNESS. But I’ve put up a big bag of confidence in me, and I guess I won’t throw up this time! I’ll try my best not to!! 

All the things that I’ve gotta think is the exchange programme and that’s all, right? So I’ll just distract my mind, and I won’t throw up. So I’ll just forget about it….

My partners are already paired up with me and I did chat with them!!! They were soooooo sweet! Such lovely partners I have!! *raving* I am actually uttering the truth ’cause they are awesome!!!! I will do a guest post with one of my partners, so stay tuned! My trip also includes ……………

…………….. LEGOLAND!!! Wow, now that’s amazing!! Yes, I will go to Lego land!! I will surely write a review of it as soon as I come back. NOT.HAPPENING. Oh, come on I’ll have my midterm examination!!!!! Ok, I’ll do it sometime later. After a few weeks when I return. 

Things are happening so fast, I dunno! I’m leaving tomorrow at 5 a.m and I still have a bag to pack. But I’m still blogging. This explains all my love towards blogging and YOU!!! Woohoo! 

Well, I know this a short post but I wanted to tell you guys before leaving! I will try to blog there and tell you all more about everything in detail. If I can’t, please don’t be sad! I’ll try my best to post! 

I know this post is so awkward and mixed up, but that’s how I feel right now! I’ll catch up with you guys later!!

Elle online xxx

Going offline xxx

19 thoughts on “Student exchange programme – I’m leaving to Denmark!?!

  1. Ooh that sounds like so much fun, Apoorva!! I hope you had a blast 🙂 I’ve wanted to go to Legoland for a long time, but I haven’t gotten to yet, haha! You’ll have to tell us all about it. 🙂 Sorry I’m late to commenting! I also wanted to tell you, I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. 🙂 Come check out my most recent post, if you’d like!

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    1. Denmark was really awesome!! I really had a blast !!!!! You should go to Legoland;it’s great fun but I expected deadlier rides. I did enjoy them but I wanted BETTER!!
      I will tell all of you!! It’s ok that you’re late, that’s tots fine! Yes I did check your post ! I will do a post. I’m a teensy bit busy ’cause I have my exams, so I don’t think I’ll post soon. But I will do it for sure!!!! Thanks for commenting!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s awesome!! Haha, I think I would feel the same way. The rides are more for little kids; the part that’s interesting to me are the huge Lego sculptures!! You’re welcome 🙂 I can’t wait to read your post! Good luck on your exams xx you can do it! And you’re very welcome!

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