Where was I !?!? 

Halllloo guys!! I missed y’all so much!!! I’ve got tonnes to do and loads to tell all of you. 

Firstly….. Where was I !? 

I was in town, not that I went on vacation or something. You know, what the reason was for my absence? School! Tests! Grades! Yes, I had my midterm examination after I returned from Denmark ( I guess you all know that I went there for an exchange programme!) and later I had my tests, again. So this explains on why I was missing out on all your posts or from WordPress. 

Well, I’m done with the tests and I’m so delighted!!!  I have many posts that need to be posted, especially the ‘awards’ posts . I dunno for how many posts I’ve actually been tagged in, so it would hugely help me if, those of you who’ve tagged me, mention the awards linked to your post in the comments, so that I get to know who all have tagged me. Please don’t forget to do this!!! 

Secondly… Why didn’t I post in between the tests? 

I didn’t post in between the tests ’cause I didn’t have the nerve to do it. Yes, it was because  I had missed out from all of your posts and all the things happening on WordPress, I literally felt I’d be left out..  So that was the reason for me not posting in between my tests. But finally I knew I was just delaying posting because of fear. I knew I had to get on with it, and come back to my usual posting schedule. SO I’M HERE!!! 

Thirdly… When will I post the reviews of my trips?

 Well, I’d love, love, love to post reviews of the two trips that I’ve been to; Himalayas and Denmark. I need a whole lot of time in doing that, so I guess I’ll post it next month. So, you’ve gotta wait for my reviews until next month. JUST.A.MONTH.

Fourthly… And finally I’m gonna keep a schedule for all my posts throughout the week from now on!!! 

I’m gonna schedule my posts throughout the week, so that I don’t just randomly keep posting at different times!! I’ll tell you all about my blogging schedule in the next post. I’ll also let all of you know about the posts that I’ll be posting.

How about you? Have you missed me (no way!)? What are your thoughts on me, scheduling my posts? 

P.S : don’t forget to link your awards post!!! 

Elle online xx

Going offline xx  

6 thoughts on “Where was I !?!? 

  1. APOORVA! I’ve missed you! I was so excited to see a post from you in my Reader!! ❤ ❤ How are you? I can’t wait to see what posts you’re going to write. 🙂 Hearing about your travels will be so much fun! I hope you have a beautiful December, and I can’t wait to hear back from you!

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    1. Aww, Maggie you make my days more magical!! Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment!! I’m fine, how about you? I will post soon, and I’m really sorry for not replying soon. I was really busy. But I’m so happy to be back and to read all of your lovely comments ❤️❤️😍!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww hey Apoorva!! ❤ It’s lovely to hear from you! 😀 My pleasure! I’m doing really well – my birthday’s coming up next week, so that’s exciting! No worries, life can get hectic ❤

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