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My blogging schedule for the month of May + amazing news!!!

Hey guys!! I’m sorry I didn’t post on Monday or Tuesday as I was really busy with something you guys will get to know in the end of this post! No, don’t scroll down! Keep on reading and wait for the news!!

My blogging schedule for the month of May :

  • MONDAY : Throughout the month of May, I will be posting series on Mondays’ called ‘Picture it away’. If you have read all my posts, then you must be aware of the post Picture it away! . Any view that amazes me,urges me to take a beautiful picture, that I will be posting in these series! I would also love,love for you to send me some pictures that you’ve taken not of yourselves, like selfies, but of nature or animals. I will post your picture with a link to your blog. Before you send your pictures to me, find a suitable caption (or I could do it for you) to the picture you’ve taken!

  • TUESDAY : Again, on Tuesdays’ I will be doing a series called ‘ my current favourites’  for the week. It will include any movie,book,brand, or products that I would be currently obsessed with.
  • WEDNESDAY: On wednesdays’ I will be doing a series called ‘What I see in my garden’ which will have photographs of plants, insects, birds or animals that I will have taken from my beautiful garden (it’s a very lovely one, i ain’t bragging!).
  • THURSDAY: Everybody in this world deserves a break! A break from your work or in this case, a break from blogging! So Thursdays’ are meant for breaks for me!
  • FRIDAY: I have many due awards’ post that I haven’t done in ages, so I will be doing awards’ post on Fridays’.
  • SATURDAY: On Saturdays’ I will be doing ‘this week, —— caught my attention’ series, in which I discuss about topics that interest me! It would be really great to discuss about very important topics that have a wonderful meaning towards life!
  • SUNDAY : Sundays’ are meant for ….. (not holiday for me!) my newspaper collection! I will be showing my collection of newspaper articles  that I have pasted in my book!

So this was my schedule for the month of May! I hope you read my posts, and enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing it! Stay tuned for an amazing month full of splendid topics!

What is the exciting news happenining to me, you ask? Well,…….


I couldn’t keep in the excitement of this news that a cute little, cuddly puppy is going to be the newest edition to my family! BUT, the sad news is that we’re still searching for a good puppy as he is going to stay with me just like my brother in my house, we have to be searching for a healthy one. I think I will have him within this week! YAY!!! I’m super excited! I will be posting throughout this week the updated news about my puppy!

This was the thing that kept me busy, so I couldn’t blog! But I know you guys will support me all the time! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

What about you? Have you ever had a puppy / a pet?

I would love to know in the comments! Until the next post, bye!



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