‘What I see in my garden’ #1

Hey there, my lovelies!!

I’m really sorry for not posting yesterday because I was busy taking care of my puppy! If you have read my Last post, you’ll know that we bought home a Labrador retriever puppy!!!!! Yes, he’s amazingly cute!! Here is a heart-whelming (all cute adjectives!) picture of BRUNO!!! I’ve named him Bruno! Also, does anybody else own a puppy or any pet? Do let me know in the comments!

My last post was a schedule for the posts throughout the month of May. I had blogged that I would be doing a series called ‘what I see in my garden’ every Tuesday throughout the month of May! It has all the pictures of animals, birds, plants, trees that I see in my garden throughout the week that fascinate me!

Let’s get on with the post!!!!

This is a lily which kinda grew inside my house,and not in the garden. My mum planted many seedlings in various pots. This baby here, grew quicker than any other plant !!  I guess, that is what ‘survival of the fittest’ actually means. Staying in the same environment, getting the same water, sunlight and air; yet one of them utilizes them sufficiently to prosper better than the others.

And this, is my garden. On an early morning, I saw 3 pairs of different types of birds on the lawn for some reason whatsover! All of them were chirping while pecking the ground looking for insects. This seemed to me, like a birds’ only meeting!

For the last picture, I chose a lizard/ reptile that is soooooooooooooo slow that it really deserves so many o’s in so! I’ve sighted this lizard for over a week and it either lies on the grass or it hangs on to its favourite stalk of this bush! I think I should name him/her (let’s consider it a male for now!) . I guess, Garry would be the perfect name for him! ( don’t ask me why!)

So, that was it for my post! If you have a garden, and you sight something worthy of intersest, do email me a pic at! I will feature your image on my next post on Tuesday!

Tomorrow, is a break from my blogging schedule, so I will be back on Friday with an awards’ post!

But until then, keep enjoying!




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