‘Mystery blogger award’ – award post


Hello again! I’m back from my break from yesterday!

As per my schedule, today I’ll have to start the series “awards’ post”on fridays’ , for the month of May!

I had been nominated by the very sweet Princess blabbermouth. Thank you for nominating me!!I’m so sorry Princess blabbermouth for being very late to post this award! But now, I’m going on with the post…………..

Rules : 

  • Feature the award logo/image on your blog post.
  • List the rules.
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself! (I’ve never done something like this before!).
  • Answer the questions provided.
  • Nominate 10-20 bloggers and notify them by commenting on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, with one weird/funny question.(specify the question)
  • Share and link to your best post


  1. I frigging’ love animals!!! I am really crazy about them! So, if anybody wants to impress me, buy me a pet. (just kidding, as if someone would want to impress me! But if you do, I’m still up for this! 😂)
  2. I’m a shy person, seriously until you really get to know me I wouldn’t speak so much as much as I type in my blog! But my shyness (if that’s a word!) lasts until the ice is broken with a person. If somebody gets close to me, trust me I.wont.stop.speaking!
  3. I LOVE TO TRAVEL!!!!! I am all about that faraway 24 hour/any distance trip to some place in the world! I also like the journey, because the anticipation keeps me more excited! I think you guys know about my anxiety with planes, right? You must be thinking, which kinda girl loves to travel who has anxiety? MEEEE! I am getting over my anxiety and I think, with another flight to some place, I will put a forever and ever lasting full stop to it!

Princess blabbermouth’s questions:

1. Have you embarrassed yourself in public and do you want to share? If not, that’s okay!

I haven’t had a massive embarrassment in public, yet! But, I feel like small embarrassments keep happening to everybody! (especially me, because I say the wrong things for a certain situation sometimes!)

2. Sour or sweet candy?

I guess I like both of them according to my mood levels!

3. Indoors or outdoors?

Definitely outdoors! I love playing outside and having fun, mostly because I’m in my house all the time this summer!

4. Letters or numbers?

I think I’ll go with letters!

5. which do you hate more : toothpaste adverts or deodarant adverts?

I hate toothpaste adverts more, because I’ll give you a scenario: suppose your eating something and that yucky toothpaste ad just pops up on your T.V and they show the germs on teeth or bleeding gums! WHAT IS THE FEELING? GROSS, RIGHT?

And that’s why I hate toothpaste advertisements more than deodarant adverts!


I think I will only nominate 3 of them, because I’ve nominated all the others for different awards and I should still nominate people for the upcoming awards! These 3 were new blogs that I found out, and I adored tem! That’s why I nominated them!! 


  1. (The weird/funny question) Have you ever been caught/found while talking to yourself? Would you like to share it?
  2. Which do you prefer and why: Cats/dogs?
  3. Which star or celeb would you meet if given an opportunity and why?
  4. Which is your favourite song?
  5. What is your craziest dream/idea and why is it so?

That was it for my post! But for my nominees, do a post if you wish and notify me!

Tomorrow, I will be doing a series called ‘this week —— caught my attention’. Do join me, as we discuss something very interesting and we can chat in the comments/ email me at !

Until then, enjoy your Friy-yay!



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