‘My current favourites!!’ + blogging updates

Hello my favorite people! How are you?

I didn’t blog yesterday because I hadn’t taken any pictures for ‘picture it away’ series. I guess I’ll start it from next Monday.

ANYWAYS, today I’m starting ‘my current favourites for the week!’ series! I’m going to tell you all the products, movies,shows etc., that I’ve been loving throughout last week! Let’s get on with the post!!!

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  • Geekerella 

I’ve been reading a book called ‘geekerella’ by Ashley Poston. I’ve still started reading it, but I’ve been enjoying it this week! The story is about Elle Wittimer a geek who loves starfield ( that’s mostly what I know still because I’m still reading!!!). I will write a review soon after I finish reading it. So I won’t talk much about it.

  • Sisterhood of the travelling pants

This is an amazing story of four best friends who, while shopping, find a pair of jeans which fits all of them! You may think that they were all the same size right? A big NO! Well, three of them were skinny but one of them was fat. They all thought that this was some sort of lucky pair of jeans and as their summer holidays were nearing, they thought of sharing the jeans. Each one of them would wear it for a day and finally when they all would meet after the holidays, they would share their stories of the day they wore the jeans. It sure is a great movie though it’s old. Have you watched it? let me know!

  • Coppertone sunscreen

When my dad had been to U.S.A, he bought me this sunscreen and I instantly fell in love with it! It really protects my skin from getting tanned and it smells good too! So, if you’re looking for a good sunscreen, go for this! It has an SPF 30, which isn’t too much but it still works!

  • L’oreal clay shampoo

This is a shampoo that I wish I had from the beginning! I have smooth and silky hair which is getting damaged because of the sun, so I need a good shampoo to maintain my hair. This is the best shampoo for my hair because it keeps it silky and shiny while cooling my scalp! I would recommend you to try it, plus it has a very good smell too!

  • Sally hansen

Another amazing brand! I’ve been loving the Sally hansen miracle gel nail polish. It has a smooth definition and it has cool shades! I know many of you use them, but for those who don’t, you should definitley give it a try!

That was it for my current favourites. I hope you enjoyed it!



  • I’ve reached 99 followers on Elle online!! I’m so happy for all of them who followed my blog! Thank you soo much! But I’d be really happy if you guys interact with me and view all my posts! I love reading all your comments and replying to them! SO, leave a lovely comment!!
  • I’m participating in a photography challenge hosted by Lydia. I’ve already received this week’s topic, so I’m really excited! Go check her blog out! But she has closed entry’s now, I guess! 
  • I’m finally posting as per schedule! Yay!! I will post consistently no matter what. And this is my promise to all of you guys!!! 
  • I also wanted to tell you guys that I’m willing to do a collab with anybody who is interested! Let me know in the comments!

That was it for my post! Until tomorrow, happy Tuesday everybody!!

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14 thoughts on “‘My current favourites!!’ + blogging updates

  1. I loved watching the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie when I was younger! And that’s so exciting that you’re almost to 100 followers, Apoorva!!! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratulations on the followers, that’s amazing! 😀
    I loved watching and reading Sisterhood of the traveling pants as well, such a great and heartwarming story 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award, my most recent post. Check it out if you would like to take part but otherwise have a great day! 🙂


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