My trip to Africa 

Hey guys!

I wanted to write about the amazing trip me and my family went through. It was a really amazing adventure-packed trip.

Firstly we traveled there to especially see the ‘once in an year migration’. It’s in the great savannah that it happens : all the animals from Masai Mara move to Tanzania by crossing the river Mara . It was truly an amazing sight ; the wilder beasts were the first animals to brace their way through the river when there were many crocs waiting to hunt them! I spotted a kind of yellowish croc ( thank god it was far away from the animals) .

We stayed in tents which was kind of an uncomfortable stay but I learned to survive in the wild though ! We weren’t actually in the wild all alone without any supplies but in a tent outside the game reserve.

This was a really special trip because not only could I see the animals but the fact that we could also go so near them was just splendid! I really enjoyed getting so close to the lion cubs (very cute) and my favourite animal: the cheetah. The cheetahs were so sleek and wild and they were an amazing sight. If you are really lucky sometimes you get to see a real life hunt going on right in front of your eyes. But unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky enough to see a live hunt but we saw a cheetah that had recently had an amazing hunt.

The jeep that we went had an open roof top so I could always sit on the seat (stand actually) and take a view of the whole savannah.

Apart from animals there were really unique birds and the sights were so amazing that no one could ever forget to bring a camera with them! We had to stop the jeep every single moment because each animal was a perfect thing to capture!

I really had an amazing trip in Africa . And I guess I’ll stop here and probably write some more tomorrow because there’s just so many things that I could just go on blabbing about all day !

Have you travelled Africa?(or an other place) Share your experience with me in the comments.


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