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‘My newspaper collection’ + why I didn’t blog yesterday

Hello guys! Happy Sunday!

I’m sorry I didn’t post ‘this week —- caught my attention’ series yesterday, because, to be honest I didn’t find anything that caught my interest last week! So, I’ll start it from next Saturday!

But, today I will share with you guys, my newspaper collection!

This is my Monster high book, in which I store my favourite articles from the daily newspaper!

This week, this article was really interesting! And it is……. ‘compound that breaks down plastic waste developed! I know, you must be thinking that it is impossible, because plastic is non-biodegradable which means that it cannot decompose naturally. So, how the heck is this possible?

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P.S : What do you think about my new blog graphic? I’d be happy to know!!



Researchers from Nagoya University in Japan developed a series of organometallic ruthenium catalysts to break down, even the toughest amide bonds effectively under mild conditions.Image result for nagoya universityNagoya University

I guess, you guys understood by now, about how it was made and who did it. But, coming to the basic question, what are catalysts?

Catalysts are widely used in chemistry to help speed up reactions. The catalyst features a ruthenium atom supported in an organic framework. This ruthenium atom can adsorb hydrogen and deliver it to the amide bond to initiate the breakdown.

Too many scientific words!! But, if you really understand it, it can be interesting! I won’t go through a lot of details, because it would bore you for sure! You can read the complete article in the picture if you wish! But, this huge milestone, is soo important for the betterment of the world!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment down below on which topics, I should upload articles on! I would be glad to search articles for your favourite topics! That was it for my post!

Tomorrow I will do the ‘picture it away’ post, don’t miss it!!

Did you enjoy this topic? What do you think about it? Do you have any such ideas? Comment down below!

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Until the next post, bye!!



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